Trasys International supports National authorities and International Public Corporations to continuously improve their governance policies and processes in an efficient and streamlined way by leveraging digital technologies and harnessing big data for development.

National Authorities & International Public Organisations

National Authorities and International Public Organisations deal with a number of key issues, such as economic growth and sustainable development, international peace and security, humanitarian assistance, that call for a change in the way the organisations and authorities operate and undertake their actions. There are four contributing factors prompting this change and these are: the pace of technological change, geopolitical shifts in terms of demographics, economic and technological changes, the public-private partnerships impacting the role of public authorities and the digitalisation itself.

Trasys International delivers consulting services and IT solutions to National authorities and International Public Organisations to support them in meeting their objectives in an efficient and effective way by leveraging best practices and IT solutions.


Speed of technological change

The speed of technological change poses a severe challenge for organisations whose procedures and processes are traditionally built upon the conventional administrative exchange of information. The last 30 years have produced fundamental transformations in global communications, with widespread penetration of the internet and mobile telephony throughout the world. The contrast between the speed of technological change, on the one hand, and the pace of administrative processing by governments is very evident.

Geopolitical changes

Geopolitical change and the pace at which are occurring, pose a challenge for National authorities and International Public organizations to transform and adapt. There is a growing disjunction between technological reality and political environments. A lack of technical capacity can produce in turn a lack of trust, putting at risk the possibility of social adaptation and the resolution of geopolitical issues.


A number of public-private partnerships emerged in past several years, where authorities and a private companies cooperate to build and operate projects, such as public transportation, parks or centres. Moreover, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility catalysed more active participation and role of private companies in the public policy implementation. The entry of private enterprises into fields traditionally managed by the authorities has increased the competition for funding on which some International Public Organisations rely on.


Finally, the digital environment itself is one of significant challenges. The internet has created a shift in access to information and knowledge and in the capacity to use knowledge for different of purposes; it has facilitated the creation of networks of all conceivable varieties – social, political, economic, cultural, scientific and technological.

In light of the above, National Authorities and International Public Organisations will need to acquire the necessary speed and agility to adapt and thrive in the new world. This is the challenge that lies before them – and this is where Trasys International can help.

NATIONAL AUTHORITIES & International Public Organisations

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Trasys International strengths lies in our people and teams that have the necessary knowledge to understand the policy and regulatory frameworks and translate those into business and IT solutions. We understand the many challenges you are facing and have the right blend of business and IT skills to define, develop and implement solutions best suited to your situation. Our strengths are built on 25+ years of experience of working at the International, European and National levels of our company, and services offer by talent pool of 2000+ Business and IT experts.

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Your organisation will benefit from having at its disposal a large and experienced teams of business and IT experts committed to meet and exceed your expectations by offering top consulting services and best- in-class IT solutions.

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