Business Analytics enable International Organisations to check compliancy, to lower risks, and to detect fraud faster and easier.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics refer to statistical and operations analysis, the build-up of predictive models, the application of optimisation techniques, and the delivery of results. It requires quantitative methods and evidence-based data for business modelling and decision making.

Business Analytics solutions integrate unstructured data from sources such as social networks, smart meters, sensors and machines with structured data. It enables International Organisations to check compliancy, to lower risks and to detect fraud faster and easier.

Compliance analytics

The purpose of compliance analytics is to ensure quality, compliancy and/or low risk across high volumes of internal text data and external text data. The value it brings is to automate verification and validation processes, speed-up knowledge work, flow and collaboration to inform decision making. It applies to admission dossiers, claim dossiers or scientific publications.


International Organisations are increasingly facing too high volumes of documents to screen, too high processing time and too much manual work relying on too few experts.


Keeping up with the increasing volume of data requires the ability to:

  • Deal with very large volumes of documents while reducing manual work
  • Monitor data inflows and minimise risk appraisals
  • Improve compliance with regulations

Trasys International’s Compliance Analytics solutions support knowledge work by automating the processes that make content accessible, link and relate content through extracted insights, check compliance and prioritise manual work.

Compliance Analytics provide:
  • Scalable and flexible search technology on big volumes and a variety of document sets
  • Automatic grouping and classification
  • Efficient verification on consistency
Compliance Analytics allow to perform:
  • Monitoring models to process usage and feedback signals from the market
  • Text mining
  • Web crawling

Fraud analytics

There are many possible definitions, but for the purpose of our solution, we will consider fraud as any intentional act or omission designed to deceive others, resulting in the victim suffering a loss and/or the author achieving a gain (reimbursement or reselling of (stolen) items). Some factors that may favour fraud are: size and value of items, ease of resale, cash, lack/weak controls…

The purpose of Fraud Analytics is to avoid the loss of a significant amount of assets due to fraud and at an extreme level to avoid the shut down of the company. Fraud Analytics is based on a strong and flexible fraud detection model that evolves with the complex and changing threats to which the customers are faced.


International organisations are mainly confronted with fraud behaviour related to subsidies received in various dossiers. This ranges from fraud in the communication of incorrect information up to the provision of false documents or potential conflicts of interest.


How to decrease risks and their costs associated?
How to predict risk before taking any action such as proposing a contract or validating a claim that implies a reimbursement?
How to identify patterns that can significantly increase the quality for each domain like Security?


Trasys International provides automated solutions allowing to increase the fraud amount detected and propose actions to be taken to reduce risk and identify patterns of fraudsters and their behaviours.

Fraud Analytics provide:
  • A flexible framework that can be used to identify complex fraud threats
  • A predictive and action-oriented model designed for fast customisation & deployment
Fraud Analytics allow:
  • Detecting anomalies faster
  • Assessing & predicting risk
  • Identifying patterns of fraudsters
  • Constantly improving and refining models

Our Strenghts

Iterative deployment model allows fast set up, quick wins and long lasting effects.

Your Benefits

  • Tangible Results
  • Effective monitoring & better management of compliancy and fraud