State-of-the-art Oracle Databases Management.

Managed Exadata

Some organisations have a substantial number of Oracle databases. They want to manage these from one central location and optimise the performance and capacity of their servers.

State-of-the-art Oracle Databases Management


In this context, Oracle developed ExaData, the machine with the highest performance and availability for running Oracle databases. This solution allows your Oracle databases to be consolidated within a converged purpose-built infrastructure, i.e. one single machine whose layers (servers, storage, network, etc.) are developed specifically to work together for one particular goal. Using this technology reduces costs, but also cuts the time-to-market by shortening the time necessary to deliver a new database.

Trasys International provides ExaData machines in its data centre and their management services. By entrusting the management of these machines to Trasys International, our clients make sure their data is secure, available and protected without having to invest in new and hyper-specialised skills.

Furthermore, outsourcing also reduces the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of their solution and makes them more flexible, which is as critical for their business as is their data.

Our offer

Trasys International offers a complete range of services for ExaData management.

We not only take care of all operations necessary to allow your ExaData platform to run properly, but also provide monitoring, reporting, backup & recovery, performance, capacity, life cycle and security services.


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