Trasys International, as part of the NRB Group, disposes of its own data centre infrastructure based in Belgium. Geo-resilient, consisting of two connected data centres at 30 km distance, and equipped with cutting-edge mainframe and distributed systems technologies, this infrastructure is compliant to the Tier3+ level according to the criteria of The Uptime Institute, the world authority on data centres. Since nearly 30 years, a team of 250 IT experts at NRB has been taking care of the hosting and the operational management, within this infrastructure, of the systems and applications of more than 400 customers; major insurance companies, financial institutions, public authorities, hospitals as well as corporate organisations.
Infrastructure and expertise also form the basis of NRB’s contemporary cloud offerings.

We offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) both in a mainframe and a distributed environment. Each customer can ask for an environment configured, secured and managed according to his specific needs.

In addition, we supply several Platforms as a Service (PaaS); software environments such as the SAP suite, on which customers and partners can develop, host and manage their own applications and deliver them to their final users.

Through the NRB Group, Trasys International positions itself as a Cloud Broker and an integrator. We help our customers to identify, assess and choose the cloud solutions that best fit their needs and then assist them activating and integrating them within their existing environments. Not only can we assist our customers in defining, designing, implementing and maintaining their IT infrastructures, our experts can even support them in the conception and design of their datacenter solutions of tomorrow.

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