At Trasys International, we believe that every employee should be able to access the information required to make informed decisions, and to have the flexibility to work the way he should.

Business Intelligence

International organisations generate, structure, and store an increasing amount of data in various systems. Differently structured data from suppliers or from public and private organisations complement these data. Being able to extract strategic insights and display key metrics enables top and middle management to take strategic decisions, and to follow up on their implementation. It requires the ability to clearly organise the data and present figures on demand, in the most suited format and in real time.

Trasys International offers a whole range of Business Intelligence (BI) services, from traditional BI, Mobile Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse Automation and Big Data.

Our Advanced Analytics solutions also integrate unstructured data from sources such as social networks, smart meters, sensors and machines and combine data warehouse automation, real-time reporting and prediction to enable International Organisations to check compliancy, to lower risks and to detect fraud faster and easier.

The Business Intelligence challenge

Simplyfing information discovery and analysis requires the ability to:

  • Identify business value (turning data into actionable information)
  • Validate the data
  • Display data in the right format
  • Update data with the right frequency
  • Ensure the quality required
  • Associate data with governance


Trasys International’s Business Intelligence services include the applications, infrastructure, tools, and best practices that provide decision-makers at all levels of international organisations the ability to easily access, understand, analyse, collaborate, and act on information, anytime and anywhere. We deliver the following services:

  • BI-strategy definition and audit
  • Data governance and modelling
  • BI Architecture
  • ETL or Extraction Transformation and Loading process
  • Transformation and Loading process
  • BI visualisation (dashboards, reports,).

Those services are provided in the form of consultancy, implementation, deployment, training, support and platform migration.