A new work culture in which collaboration and knowledge exchange are an everyday feature of working life.

Workplace of the future

  • The new generation workforces, the changing mind-set towards new working habits focus on collaboration, agile working practices, high mobile expectations, unified communication means, and modern office automation…
  • The growing difficulty to attract and retain top talent as people want more flexibility
  • Centralised Management of end-user equipment and support requiring standardisation of IT equipment
  • Cyber threats demanding reinforced cyber-resilience
  • Increase the efficiency of office automation, workflows and access to information
  • Attract and retain talents
  • Increase user satisfaction through a flexible and efficient workplace
  • Reduce office costs and space

A new way of working, accompanied by a people centric change management approach redefining organisational structures and working practices, supported by modern information technology solutions.

Trasys international’s workplace concept provides:

The concept of the workspace of the future is based upon a HR foundation that promotes formal and informal flexibility and focuses on trust, collaboration and results. This often requires a drastic change in mentality.

Technically it is based on collaboration tools and web-based applications remotely accessible with a high performance throughput.
Collaboration software platforms include sharing and editing of documents, streamlined workflows, audio and video conferencing and instant messaging. And flexibility requires good connectivity, based on powerful laptops or mobile devices, high speed wireless networks, VPNs, enterprise portals and employee resource management tools.

Finally, the management and the support of the workplace is performed remotely.

Our Strenghts

Trasys International provides a progressive approach starting with a preliminary assessment (Workplace Maturity Assessment) based on key indicators and several waves of pilots to test and refine the solutions for future implementations.
The result of the assessment will allow tailoring each build and implementation wave based on the proposed catalogue of related services.

Your Benefits

  • Increased work efficiency by reduction of travel time and streamlined processes
  • Better performing employees as developing creativity improves employee satisfaction
  • Innovation and forward-thinking due to a more comfortable environment
  • Improved sustainability by reducing travel (air and car)
  • Cost effectiveness by reduction of office space and manpower effort


Trasys International combines its technical expertise, business knowledge and operational capacities with the products and services of the leading editors of technology in software, applications and infrastructure solutions. With most of them, we developed partnerships in which the quality of the relationship over the long term, the strategic vision and the capacity for innovation form the cornerstones. The products and services of our partners are integrated into our portfolio based upon the added value they can provide to you. In other words, because of their impact on your performance and ultimately your sustainability.