Benefitting from the latest technologies without having to invest.

Cloud Computing

Thanks to our cloud services our customers and partners can benefit from the latest technologies without having to invest. It allows them not only to optimise the TCO of their IT environment; but also to take advantage of a highly secured and efficient shared environment at the forefront of technology. They receive a service that stays aligned with the evolution of their needs, including highs and lows.

Private cloud services

Trasys International offers private cloud services from its own data centers. We offer 3 different packages:

IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service:

We manage the network and storage layers of your environment. You can subscribe to our backup, monitoring and security options. We will put in place a data archiving system adapted to your needs.

PaaS or Platform as a Service:

Within this service model, your business will benefit from all the services and options included in our IaaS package, in addition we also manage your operating systems.

PaaS+ or Platform as a Service Plus:

We will take care of the databases and middleware management necessary for your applications to function smoothly.


Hybrid cloud services

A Hybrid Cloud model enables you to benefit from a Private Cloud in terms of security, cost, and local presence, and to call on Public Cloud Services without being required to go through different suppliers. In this context, Trasys International plays the role of an integrator, and organises your IT environment in a completely transparent way.
Depending on the specific needs of each customer, certain services can be delivered from a Public Cloud, others from within the Private Cloud environment of the NRB Group or even from the customer’s environment. Trasys International will accompany each customer to set up the best possible architecture.

Benefits of Trasys International’s Hybrid Cloud

Security and continuity

Private Cloud is a closed environment, that is strictly controlled and where the security has been proven.

Trasys International has multiple back-up and redundant solutions in order to guarantee the preservation of your data regardless of the circumstances. Our DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) provides for restoration even during the worst disaster scenarios. For instance, we can continue to provide a seamless service in the event of a blackout. Furthermore, the service level offered is defined independently for each client within an SLA (Service Level Agreement) and guarantees your business continuity.

Agility and innovation

Our Hybrid Cloud Services support your digital transformation.

Trasys International’s Hybrid Cloud Services create a flexible environment designed to meet all your organisation’s IT requirements (infrastructure, platforms or applications) very quickly. Our ability to integrate our private cloud services with your systems on premise and or with public cloud services enable us to offer you appropriate solutions. For instance, you can benefit from a public cloud development environment and from a production environment in a private set up, a solution that is often consistent in terms of reducing costs without taking any risks.

Performance and Real Time Availability

Our aim is to offer the required performance level at competitive prices. Aside from a traditional infrastructure, we are investing in Engineered Systems (Oracle Exadata, and SAP HANA, etc.). and are setting up convergent infrastructure. An engineered system is an environment where the hardware and software have been designed together for a single purpose (purpose built) whereas a convergent infrastructure assembles all the layers of a solution (network, servers, middleware, and software, etc.) in a single environment. All these investments, together with our initiatives for automating procedures to the extent possible, are intended to improve the performance offered by aiming towards fast provisioning, and immediate availability, while optimising costs.


Trasys International combines its technical expertise, business knowledge and operational capacities with the products and services of the leading editors of technology in software, applications and infrastructure solutions. With most of them, we developed partnerships in which the quality of the relationship over the long term, the strategic vision and the capacity for innovation form the cornerstones. The products and services of our partners are integrated into our portfolio based upon the added value they can provide to you. In other words, because of their impact on your performance and ultimately your sustainability.