Frédéric Baeke
Director of Trasys International

As a specialised ICT company focusing on International Public Organisations and Corporations, Trasys International offers IT solutions, services and consulting to help in achieving compliance with international policies and regulations and tackling challenges presented by the imperatives of digital transformation.

Typically Trasys International projects concern:

  • modernising of (public) administrations
  • promoting of digital workspaces and supporting collaboration platform
  • capitalising on the use of contemporary cloud and datacenter technologies
  • improving IT security and cost effectiveness

Trasys International capitalises on the expertise and track record built up over 30 years of working with the European Institutions and their agencies. We have acquired specific skills in setting up and managing partnerships and consortia for delivering specialised services. These have enabled Trasys International to become a major ICT partner for the European Institutions, European Agencies, National Authorities, as well as for International Public Organisations and Corporations.

Welcome to Trasys International!

Frédéric Baeke


EU Institutions


Implementing IT solutions and services needed for the regulatory compliance and modernisation of the public administration

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Public Institutions

National Authorities & International Public Organisations

Advanced IT solutions and services to deal with digitalisation, social and political change

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International Corporate Organisations

Best of breed IT solutions and services to support the implementation of EU policies and regulations

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KEY framework contracts

DIGIT TM: Trasys International is leading the Exxel4EUB Consortium that provides hundreds of IT consultants to the European Commission
Trasys International provides services for the management of the ECDC IT infrastructure, consultancy in the field of information systems, quality assurance services as well as software development services for several applications
Trasys International provides services for the IT applications of the European Chemicals Agency: REACH-IT, R4BP, ePIC, BIDI, BAD&SS, Classlab, IUCLID, ODYSSEY, CHESAR and many more
ABC IV: Trasys International provides high level consultancy services in multiple domains such as ICT governance and management, data management, quality management, ICT infrastructure, user experience, security and sharing and reuse practices
ITL: Trasys International supports the implementation of the KYOTO protocol by building and operating the International Transaction Log for the United Nations