Helping IT departments deliver more value to the business.

IT Consulting

Having in mind evolving business needs triggered by new regulatory frameworks, tailored business and operational models, coupled with increased importance for agility and cost-efficiency, all organisations should continuously assess the impacts of these factors on their IT landscape and to define the appropriate risks mitigation strategies.

IT strategy & roadmap

Whether they are public or private, a lot of organisations lack the time to initiate and to manage the transformation processes that are required to stay aligned with the evolution of their proper context. This is particularly true for IT departments. They often lack best practices with regard to transformation plans. In reality, they are often completely absorbed by the operational activities while the pressure from the users, but also budget pressures, constantly increase.

There are many external elements that fuel the need for change. The expectations of customers with regard to digital offerings are increasing. The legislation evolves and can be constraining. Digital competition gets stronger and new competitors enter the market. Mergers and acquisitions can require IT systems to be consolidated…

In order to actively push the evolution of their organisation, CIOs must have a clear vision of their situation and their environment, next to a digital transformation plan that takes into account all the parameters discussed above.


A digital transformation plan has several goals:

  • Improving the agility of the ICT systems to facilitate their alignment with the business needs
  • Optimising operational costs related to infrastructure and maintenance of applications
  • Make ICT systems compliant with legal requirements
  • Innovating, taking into account new models such as Cloud offerings (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS)
  • Developing the skills of the IT teams’
Transition plans

We build objective transition plans controlling the IT risks, based upon the following elements:

  • Our expertise in numerous sectors of activity: Public utilities, Government, Insurance, Industry, Healthcare, etc.
  • Our mastery of a wide spectrum of IT services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)
  • Our independence with regard to solution suppliers
  • A multi-disciplinary team composed of professionally or technically oriented specialists

We develop 3 to 5 year digital roadmap for your organisation.
Through workshops with IT and Business, we shall come to understand your business strategy and develop the IT strategy to support it. The latter is made up of a description of the current situation (as is), a description of the target situation (to be) and a transition plan to go from one to the other. The latter takes into account the annual goals expressed by business but also the budgetary constraints (Opex, Capex) they face.
Our approach is supported by tools (Aris IT Architect, Alfabet) that allow us to model and analyse the business and IT components (IT value, Business Value, Operational Costs) of the organisation.
Depending on the size of your organisation and its complexity, we can offer consultancy missions that can last from 20 to 120 days.

IT transformation

Get IT back in the digital driving seat

Trasys International supports your organisation with the preparation and implementation of IT transformation strategies based on our expertise and knowledge of the latest digital technologies, especially the use of mobile solutions, business analytics and ‘in-the-cloud’ solutions and services. We support your organisation to improve its business and operational excellence by using agile development methods and deployment control.

  • Business case for IT as a key enabler for increasing revenue while keeping costs under control
  • Strategic alignment of IT and business that takes into account mobile, data analytics, social and cloud drivers

IT re-organisation and updates to governance and working practices by combining Agile and DevOps with IT Service Management (ITIL), Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF) and Application Portfolio Management, while strengthening risk control and compliance (COBIT).


Flexible and adaptive SOA model that integrates the mobile, data analytics, social and cloud platforms.

  • Program/project management that uses best methodologies (PRINCE2, PMI)
  • Business requirements and IT specification management solutions
  • Selection of products and service providers
  • Change management


Data-driven decision processes require specific capabilities and competences to turn internal and external data into insights and recommendations for actions. To integrate data from multiple sources requires an alignment with the business architecture and processes of your organisation. There is a need to assess your existing data governance. The processes for data collection, processing and management are also impacted by regulatory changes and/or the evolution of your business. Trasys International has the necessary knowledge and skills to help you leverage on business intelligence and big data analytics.


  • Awareness (value, costs, risks, compliance, architecture)
  • Maturity and vision
  • Impact on business model
  • Legal & regulatory roles and obligations
  • Business case
  • Impact on business processes (marketing and operations)
  • Data quality & governance
  • Data management
  • Shared services and outsourcing
  • Process & data alignment
  • Data architecture and integration
  • Proof of Concept
  • Platform & supplier selection
  • Data migration / data cleansing and enrichment / consolidation / integration

Solution architecture

Turn strategic IT vision into reality

Whether it’s about applications or the infrastructure, most organisations lack the time and internal resources to proceed with the definition of a new IT solution or the redesign of an existing solution. In addition, these tasks require that the person doing them be fully focused on its mission, which is not obvious when someone is in charge of more operational activities.

Yet it is important that the design of the architecture of a solution is perfectly in line with the IT environment and performed according to good practices and with the right tools. Your solution should match the business expectations insofar as it is scalable and future proof.


Trasys International has the expertise of a dozen profiles which all show proven experience in the architecture of infrastructure or application solutions:

  • Cloud Architects
  • IT Architects
  • Solution Design Architects
  • Our employees apply best practices and methodologies for the design of architectures and use the support of powerful tools such as Enterprise Architect (Sparks System) or Visio.

You can call on our consultants for the following tasks:

  • Architecture of Hybrid cloud environments
  • Architecture of infrastructure solutions
  • Architecture of application solutions
  • Support in the development of the specifications for a specific solution