Quote from Chris De Hous in Trends : “een goed team is altijd sterker dan een individu”

“… Throughout the years, one always gets lots of advice. One that stood out for me is that “a good team always beats an individual”. I have seen that work well at McKinsey which always worked with teams for customers. The efficiency and effectiveness of the team are directly proportional to its strength. Question of course is : what is a strong team ? In my opinion, four elements are necessary. First of all, team members need to be complementary. There have to be differences in points of view, differences in competencies. That is important. Secondly, each team member should contribute and not simply free ride. Each team member has to take up one’s responsibility and perform accordingly. A third element of a strong team is the ability of team members to think beyond their activity domain. They should be able to think in terms of common interest. And finally, within a good team one can exchange ideas in an open and respectful atmosphere. …“

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